Help in choosing the right film

Choosing the right film can be intimidating, especially when there is so much technical jargon. We understand the challenge and have come up with the following tool to assist you in making the right choice. Simply answer each of the following questions as best as you can, and they system will check for the film that suits your requirements best.

(1) Visibility: How clear must your window be?
* Please note that your country may have tint laws that restrict you from using dark film, especially on the front windows. Please verify legal requirements.
(2) Performance: How much solar heat do you want to reduce?
Not all films perform the same. High performance film may cost more. Balance your performance with your budget.
(3) Experience: How much experience do you have in installing film?
It doesn't mean a first-timer cannot install like a pro; it just means you have to be adventurous and take the risk!