Nanolux brings you the best value for money. We are able to do so because of our extensive network and business model.

1. Global Purchasing
As a global purchasing house of five major US window film manufacturers, we enjoy an economy of scale that is simply difficult to match. When we say we purchase in bulk on a global basis - we really do.

What more - our parent company owns production facilities in the United States. That is one advantage few companies can boast.

2. Cutting out the Middleman
Many film retailers sell through area distributors and dealers, and this multi-level model inevitably means a higher operating cost, and hence higher prices. Nanolux brings you the best products directly by cutting out these middle tiers. You can buy directly from us, the main (global) distributor, through our e-commerce portal

3. Separating Product and Service
Components cost less than the finished product. Instead of buying window film as an installed product, Nanolux sells it as window film only. Since there is no additional mark-up as a result of operating an installation business (and we know labor cost in Singapore is high!), we are able to offer you a more competitive pricing.

4. Outsourcing
You can choose to install the film yourself or seek professional installation at reasonable rates. While we do not offer installation service, we have a pool of professional installers ready to provide the service for you. Click here to learn more about installation services.

5. Not compromising on Quality
As a Global Purchasing House, we have the means to source from major reputable window film manufacturers from USA. Cheaply-made and sub-standard films never make it to our warehouse. We do not work with manufacturers using conventional dyes and evaporative methods. Rather, we source from manufacturers with patented technology or high-tech production facilities. Click here to know more about the Research and Development behind Nanolux films!

Find out now which film suits your requirements best.